CUF 2019 Fiscal Year End

Dear Alums and Friends of Carleton Ultimate,

The Carleton Ultimate Fund (CUF) requests your donations to help us support CUT and Syzygy as they compete at the highest level of college ultimate. June 30th (8 days from today) is our 2019 fiscal year-end and we need your support before then as we close out the year. to continue to do all the things we do to build on the Carleton Ultimate legacy!

2018/2019 has been a great for CUF and for both teams. CUF successfully launched the Carleton Ultimate Endowment Fund a year ago and funded an equal portion of both Syzygy’s and CUT’s budgets. The Endowment Fund now stands at approximately $70,000 invested. Each team was provided $14,000. These funds support training, dome time, coaching and aid for players that couldn’t normally afford extra costs of being on the roster.

CUF’s work is possible thanks to extremely generous donations from the Carleton Ultimate community. This year we blew away the total amount raised ($70,000!!) if you combine the total funds that were raised both in the unrestricted category and designated to the endowment. However, our cash/unrestricted total is slightly behind past year’s totals so we need a boost here at the end of the year to reach our budgeted $40,000. Please step up and help us reach this target.

A reminder that the CUF Board wants to be transparent in our financial management and has set target allocations for our annual budget. 70% of our budget will go directly to the teams, 25% of the budget will be directed toward the Endowment Fund, and 5% is for “marketing”. Our annual budget will be determined by averaging the total donations received over the past two fiscal years.

Again, we still need your donations to CUF! Consider a year-end contribution today, or better yet, join over 60 of your fellow Friends of Carleton Ultimate who make monthly donations to CUF. You can make a one-time gift or set up monthly donations here:

Thank you for your generous support of Carleton Ultimate!
~The CUF Board
Brent Nystrom ’92, President
Chris Borden ’84, Treasurer
Rich Price ’90, Secretary
Laura Blaisdell ’97
Alex Evangelides ’11
Miranda Roth Knowles ’04
Emily Muirhead McAdam ’08
Chase Sparling-Beckley ’04
Ted Weldon ’83
PS – Please forward along this appeal to other Friends of Carleton Ultimate you might know that would be interested in giving to the Carleton Ultimate Fund!

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