What is CUF?

The Carleton Ultimate Fund was established in 2012 by a group of alumni volunteers to support and serve the ongoing success of the Division I Ultimate teams, CUT and Syzygy. The accomplishments of both CUT and Syzygy are unparalleled in the history of college Ultimate and have established these teams as the preeminent athletics program at Carleton. Since 1989, Syzygy has had seven semifinal appearances and four finals appearances, with one national championship. Since 1993, CUT has had nine semifinal appearances and six finals appearances, with four national championships. CUT and Syzygy truly rule.

What role does CUF play?

Throughout this storied history, CUT and Syzygy have needed to piece together budgets by relying on the often impromptu financial support of players, their parents, alumni and the College. The majority of expenses incurred by the team include entry fees for invitational, regional, and national tournaments and the related travel, lodging, meals. CUF serves as a tax-exempt fundraising vehicle to support the teams’ need for more stable and predictable budgets. As the sport of Ultimate grows, a small school like Carleton will face an uphill battle to maintain the same level of success nationally. In response, CUF hopes to support activities that will help grow and expand the competitiveness of CUT and Syzygy.

CUF initially began with a focus on CUT, but beginning in 2013, CUF expanded support to include Syzygy. In 2017, CUF committed to support CUT and Syzygy equally, and will continue providing equal funding to both teams in future years.

Funding Priorities:

Each year, CUF sets its funding priorities through feedback from donors and conversations with CUT and Syzygy’s current treasurers and Carleton’s Director of Club Sports (who oversees the teams’ club sports budgets). Ongoing funding priorities include indoor field rental for winter practices, expenses for volunteer coaches for both teams, elevating visibility of Carleton Ultimate with youth players, and training resources.

CUF Officers 2020-2021

Brent Nystrom ’92 (CUT), Chair
Rich Price ’90 (CUT), Secretary
Chris BordenĀ  ’84 P’15 (Frisbee Union & Syzygy Parent), Treasurer

Board of Directors 2020-2021

Laura Blaisdell ’97 (Syzygy)
Katie Ciaglo ’17 (Syzygy)
Alex Evangelides ’11 (CUT)
Scott Hirschberg ’86 (CUT)
Miranda Roth Knowles ’04 (Syzygy)
Brent Nystrom ’92 (CUT)
Rich Price ’90 (CUT)
Chase Sparling-Beckley ’04 (CUT)
Ted Weldon ’83 (Frisbee Union)

Legal and Tax Mumbo Jumbo

CUF is a 501(c)3 organization and incorporated in Minnesota.