CUF Winter ’19 Update

CUF Fundraising update (Endowment & Operating)

If you haven’t previously heard, the $10,000 challenge endowment match was met, triggering the full generous gift from CUT alum parents! Over fifty individual $250 gifts have been given to the endowment to date and thanks to this broad support, CUF made a $25,000 deposit into the Carleton Ultimate Endowment at the end of 2018, matching our initial $25,000 deposit in June 2018. We will continue to solicit gifts to the endowment and, combined with generous pledges from current and former CUF Board members, we hope to reach the $100,000 goal by our fiscal year end of June 30.

While our focus has been on the new endowment fund, CUF has also contributed $28,000 toward CUT and Syzygy’s operating budgets for the 2019 College Series. We continue to need and solicit unrestricted donations to CUF for current support to the teams. The endowment giving is an important long-term play, but the unrestricted gifts is what will sustain the programs now.

A hearty Thank You to all who have made gifts in the past year. CUF treasurer Chris Borden ’84 reports that donations are now coming in from Gyz, PCUT (CUT parents), PSyz (Syz Parents) and others. CUF has received more donations in the last 6 months than we have in any previous 12 month period.

As always, make your gifts via the CUF website at

The Weekend™ is coming – May 9-12

Northfield and the two programs look forward to welcoming you back for the usual Alumni Weekend celebration in May (yes this is indeed Mother’s Day weekend again). You can look forward to all the traditional events with perhaps a few new twists this year. There is a new place to stay if you are looking for housing (Northfield Fairfield Inn by Marriott) and with any luck the new Rueb (to be called ‘Reunion’) will be open and willing to accept a bunch of Ultimate players and friends. More details will be forthcoming as the planning committee swings into action using data from the post-weekend survey last May to bring you the best weekend ever.

Cheer on CUT and Syzygy This Season!

Both CUT and Syzygy have great schedules heading into the 2019 College Championships. If you live near any of their tournament locations, think about heading out to the sidelines to show your support! Even if you can’t make it in person, be sure to follow the action on Twitter (@cutrules and @SyzygyUltimate).

CUT Spring Schedule

  • February 8-10: Florida Warm Up, Tampa, Florida – CUT goes 5-4 and finishes 13th
  • March 2-3: Stanford Invite, Fremont, California
  • March 30-31: Easterns, Little River, South Carolina
  • April 13-14: Sectionals, Ames IA
  • April 27-28: Regionals, Blaine, Minnesota
  • May 24-26: College Championships, Round Rock, Texas

Syzygy Spring Schedule

  • February 9-10: Queen City Tune Up, Charlotte, North Carolina – Syz finishes 3rd with many strong wins including a beat down of Tufts in the 3rd place game.
  • March 2-3: Stanford Invite, Fremont, California
  • March 30-31: Northwest Challenge, Seattle, Washington
  • April 13-14: Sectionals, Ames, IA
  • April 27-28: Regionals, Blaine, Minnesota
  • May 24-26: College Championships, Round Rock, Texas


You’ve probably already heard, but it bears repeating: there are eleven—ELEVEN—Carleton ultimate players and alumni representing Team USA on the 2019 U24 teams! That is almost double the number of players from any other college or university. Need a visual?

Carleton on U24s(image credit @Sludgebrown)

Congratulations to Carly Campana ’22 and Kate Lanier ’22 repping Carleton on the U24 Women’s Team; Isabel Arevalo ’21, Stan Birdsong ’20, Luke Webb ’20, and Joe White ’21 repping Carleton on the U24 Mixed Team; and Henry Fisher ’18, Dillon Lanier ’20, Tim Schoch ’19, Eric Taylor ’18, and Sol Yanuck ’18 repping Carleton on the U24 Men’s Team. Good luck in Heidelberg this summer!


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